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Learn more about our powerful full-stack digital asset orchestration solution.



Speed-to-Market meets Composability with ARKHON

Accelerate the launch and streamline the management of your digital asset enterprise with ARKHON. The platform comes equipped with pre-integrated, best-in-class service providers and a suite of powerful tools to boost revenue and scale efficiently.


A pre-integrated, ready-to-go solution means delivering an institutional digital asset trading and investment solution into your customers’ hands quicky and securely

Minimize counterparty risk

Clients can rest assured their assets are kept safe by choosing a top-tier custody solution while minimizing counterparty exposure through post-trade settlement with trustworthy institutions

Add features as the business grows

Access De-Fi or NFT’s over time as business confidence expands and customer interest increases

Retain & monetize customer activity

Retain client assets and maximize profits by getting deep, institutional-grade liquidity at the lowest cost basis


Explore the full-stack ARKHON product suite

ARKHON has 3 powerful products that work seamlessly together through a single point of integration to deliver a robust digital asset capability from Day 1.




Take control of your business processes and the integrity of your data

ARKHON Flow is an abstracted, cloud-native orchestration platform and ledger

REST APIs enabling access to the platform’s capabilities, that are well documented and easy to integrate

Business logic organized around specific domains, designed to be scalable and resilient

Ensure the accuracy and compliance of customer transactions with our append-only ledger, updated in real-time

Powerful workflow logic driving operational efficiency and self-serve configuration

Platform ensures rapid setup, data segregation and regular updates

Take command of your digital asset business

Identity and Access Management

Trade on behalf of customers

Account lifecycle management

Trade lifecycle management

Integration into industry leading wallet technology

Manage reconciliation and settlement of all trades

Manage and track all deposits and withdrawals

Audit trails for regulatory and compliance requirements

Dual accounting and tracking of customer activity and 3rd party activity

Automated and real-time reporting

White-labelled UX tailored to fit your brand

ARKHON’s Portal gives you powerful tools that are layered on top of and abstracted from the ecosystem so you can fully optimize your digital asset business

The power of a world-class mobile experience at your fingertips

ARKHON Experience is a white-label ready mobile application that delivers a full-scale digital asset capability to your customers from day one

Customers can buy and sell 100’s of tokens

Access deep liquidity from reputable OTC market-makers

Real-time news & research

Account overview, holdings, and real-time value

Portfolio overview, historical value tracking and transactions

Beautifully designed, white labelled UX tailored to fit your brand

SDK (iOS/Android) built in React Native enabling reuse of the complete app or code components

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